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KDA Industrial Product Design Process

Each product design program is tailored to your specific goals, needs and objectives. The outline below is typical of the steps and phases used to develop a new industrial product design or cost reduce an existing product. Time and cost will vary based on the magnitude and needs of the program. This outline is for a comprehensive program which takes a product from inception right up to initial production.

PHASE 1: Design Development
1.1 Program Review & Objectives Work Session - Design Criteria List    1 Day
1.2 Design Research / Review of Competitive Market or Products 0.5 Wks
1.3 Product Design Concepts 1.5 Wks
1.4 Design Refinement - Product Concept Renderings 0.5 Wks
1.5 Model Making Drawings / Preliminary Engineering 2.0 Wks
    4.5 Wks
PHASE 2: Prototype Model
2.1 Non-working Mock-up Model (Option A) 1.5 Wks
2.1 Functional Working Model (Option B) 3.0 Wks
2.2 Evaluation by Your Management / Marketing Team 1.0 Wks
    5.5 Wks
PHASE 3: Finalization & Production
3.1 Design Finalization 0.5 Wks
3.2 Production Drawings 2.5 Wks
3.3 Vendor Sourcing 1.0 Wks
3.4 Production Coordination 2.0 Wks
    6.0 Wks
  TOTAL  16.0 Wks

Note: In about 3 to 4 months you can have a new industrial product developed, ready for production and or presentation at your Industry Trade Show. Costs will be estimated based on the type of product and the magnitude of the program. Electronics, mechanical engineering, multiple models, market research (focus groups) and other disciplines can be integrated into the program. This outline is for the functional design and housing or closure for a typical industrial product design. A proposal defining your specific needs is necessary to provide accurate cost estimates. There is no cost or obligation for us to provide a written proposal.

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