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Design Versus Engineering - Tornado Blower Motor

The Dichotomy:

The dynamic Difference Between Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design.

To clarify the distinction between Mechanical engineering and Industrial design, these two disciplines are based on competencies in two distinct areas of education, training, job function and results.

The product is a blower motor for a commercial canister vacuum cleaner. The internal components such a the motor, brushes, cooling fans, and involute torus blower chamber are identical.

Original Tornado
Blower Motor

The external housing utilizes the same materials, sand cast torus, diecast housing, and handle, ABS plastic brush cover, etc.

There is an overlap area that has been controversial for the last 80 years. This case study is a perfect example of utilizing both a mechanical engineer and an industrial designer to provide the packaging or external enclosure for the same product, during the same time period.


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