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The Marketing Paradox Thermos Company - Workman's Lunch Box

The Solution:

KDA obtained samples of the major competitive Lunchboxes and performed an analysis of all lunchboxes currently on the market. Based on these observations and Thermos' marketing objectives KDA provided a series of concept sketches. The new designs were targeted at the adult male market which included factory workers, construction, and blue collar shift workers in the labor force. The lunchbox needed to have a tough, rough masculine appeal along with the strength to withstand rough handling and drops that would not accidentally open the lunchbox or break the Thermos Bottle that was held in the upper half of the box.

Thermos Marketing selected the design that best met the initial objectives. KDA then fabricated a 3D functional prototype model that looked, felt and functioned exactly like an injection molded production piece. This was accomplished by building a wood pattern, rubber molds and casting a thin-wall urethane model of the new Lunch box.

Old Versus New

New Latch

The prototype model hinged, had the new all plastic latches and handle, and held the Thermos Bottle in place. It was tested in a series of focus group sessions comparing the new design against not only the competition but the original 25 year old Thermos Lunchbox. The new Lunchbox was selected as the best design compared to all competitors including the old Thermos design.

In addition the respondents wanted a larger box that would not only hold lunch, but extra food for two or three breaks during a shift.


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