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The Marketing Paradox Thermos Company - Workman's Lunch Box

The Problem:

The Thermos Workman's Lunchbox had been on the market for over 25 years. When it was originally designed the use of engineering plastics and alloys were unknown in the plastics industry. The use of metal latches and wireforms to attach the handle or hold the Thermos Bottle in place was probably state-of-the-art and relatively cost effective at the time, its likely there was little choice. However, as time passed these items increased in cost because of rising labor costs and the advent of environmental regulations which made plating much more expensive. The original lunchbox also had a curved top surface which made the Lunchbox impossible to stack vertically at the retail level. This only allowed for one shelf facing. The competitive lunch boxes could be stacked, which put Thermos at a severe disadvantage from a merchandising standpoint.

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Original Workman's
Lunch Box

New Workman's
Lunch Box


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